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Haiku by Hikaru Kitabayashi

Haiku by Hikaru Kitabayashi

Sunlight, moonlight, too,
jewels made for charming sight,
memories still burn bright.

2003/12/06 and 2017/4/25- Tokyo. Written on meeting two former students, young ladies from China.

Chemically enhanced,
I am so entranced with you,
from your hat to shoe.

13 April 2004 - Higashi Matsuyama. In honor of Viagra and Cialis and the effect these drugs are having on my generation.


I was sitting across from a colleague and noticed for the first time what a beautiful face she had. I wrote the following haiku.

Beauty, more, yet more
A face I saw not before
Joy's what beauty's for
1 March 2013

I gave the haiku to her at the end of the party, but I don't think she believed me. I can understand, though. I didn't believe in my own attractiveness when I was young, either.

Yesterday on April 15th I was sending a colleague an email from my 6th floor office in Tokyo, when the following haiku came forth.

Spring, delightful Spring!
The Sun-created shadows,
They bring, too, delight!
15 April 2013

Eyes to eyes, you shined!
I was never yet so fazed,
Till I met your gaze.
20 April 2013 

Thinking makes me blush,
Yearning for you, for your touch,
Thinking how you rush.
6 May 2013

About seven hours ago, I met a former student for the first time well over 20 years.

I say life is good.
I saw friendship's face today.
Unaging friendship!
25 May 2013 and 25 April 2017

Leaves lit up like gems
Emerald green the winter green
Bright sun, brighter you
22 December 2014

A poem inspired in part by the beautiful green leaves of winter's evergreen trees as the bright afternoon sun plays with them on a cloudless day. 

Cold hands and gray skies!
Working while I think of you...
Clouds make way for sun.
24 December 2014

It's Christmas Eve and, objectively speaking, the weather is less than ideal for an old man people sometimes liken to Santa. Then the fickle sun appeared!  

Darkness coming fast
Sunset lights the sky gold and grey
Christmas came today
25 December 2014

The older I am, the more there is I want to get done in each day. Today, too. I finally noticed Christmas as it was parting, though not with hues of rose and blue as sunsets so often are. 

Such is winter's sun
Showing off against the sky,
I'll not now complain.
28 January 2016

Beauty's in your eyes
There I see no lovely lies
Just my heart that sighs
3 July 2016

Teaching makes me low,
is pennance and atonement.
Time is slow, too slow.
26 October 2016

Love empassioning,
What my words were fashioning,
I was rationing.
20 November 2016

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